do I have to leave?

The beach is lovely, wireless is spotty. We are actually in a resort managed 2-bedroom condo with den. The resort, Sea Colony, has a private beach, exercise room, pools, jacuzzi, it’s great. You have to wear little colored badges to show that you’re a guest and have access and a lot of the staff have accents so I imagine it’s a good place for european students to come work for the summer.

There have been some fun points and some low points, which I’ll get more into detail about later.

There’s plenty of eye candy around the beach, I’ve been in the water a few times, though the sight of jellyfish on my third entry caused me to backpeddle to the sand pretty damn quickly. I guess they have a non-stingy part of their bodies since I bumped into one on the way out, but am not in any sort of pain.

We went into Rehoboth on Sat night to hang out at Cloud 9, which was certainly interesting, but not a lot of “fun”. We went from being around straight vacationing families in Bethany who are nice and friendly, to a bunch of “i’m on vaca in Rehomo” attitude queers in the bar that mostly didn’t give me a second glance until I started dancing. The most charming men were the two drunk guys Jenifer and I flagged down outside to ask where to go. They both wanted me to come home with them… once they realized I wasn’t a lesbian.

Yesterday we pretty much relaxed, watched movies, played video games and cards. And still have ALL WEEK to figure out what else to do with ourselves. I could kick myself for not taking vacations more often.. I really could.

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