and like a fool I came back for more*

Yeah, having a bad day kinda sucks. Getting home and meditating and getting over it is a good thing. Unfortunately the rest of Friday evening was spent at home on my own. Looking at livejournal more than a few of my friends (or perhaps people I know ?) got together for this and that but I wasn’t on the “let’s call” list.

I kinda feel like the guy people want to hang out with, if he’s already where they’re going to be.

I do have good friends, I have people I can count on, that I trust and care about and will call to hang out and know would call me to hang out (chances are you know who you are). But beyond that into the 2nd degree I’m not sure what’s up.

Oh great, the guy in a new’ish McDonald’s commercial looks like an ex of mine that I’ll probably never stop have feelings for… gawd-dammit

Anyway, perhaps I’ll have to work at being more personable and less embarrassing when hanging out with people who know people I know. Jenifer has said that we need to develop more fun, sexy and smart friends. Perhaps I should go to craigslist. :p

And on a side note, when homemade vinaigrette goes past its time, it’s quite a scene… out of The Blob, ew.

* from “Don’t Call On Me” by The Monkees

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