Saturday at the shops

This is actually rather funny. I went out shopping with Moose today and actually bought a headset with microphone which will make it easier for me to use voice over IP and dictate journal entries and of course now that I have the headset I can’t think of anything to write. So now I have to get used to actually speaking to the computer instead of tapping away at the keys.

I spent way too much money today. My initial idea was to go to Hecht’s and buy underwear and a fabulous pair of Steve Madden shoes (the dictation software knows Steve Madden, but doesn’t know Hecht’s,*hmph*). And while I got those items, I also bought a book at Borders, we ended up going to Best Buy and I picked up this headset. And we also made our way over to Dupont, where I picked up replacement lightbulbs.

All in all not a bad day. Just a little more spending than I had hoped. Now I’m at home relaxing, listening to the wonderful music that my friend from St. Pete, Florida sent me, and I’m looking forward to receiving the rest of the CDs in the music swap. I might get to hang out with Michael tonight, and enjoy some drinks and ogle the boys, but he had a little bit of a tumble so that might not happen, still if it doesn’t I’ll just stay home and relax and probably get some cleaning done. After today, I’m a pretty poor man as it is.

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