burnt rice means home

It’s been a pretty productive weekend. I tried to get the whole Christmas spirit and think of others and buy gifts and such. We headed to Potomac Mills and by phone I found out that I couldn’t really find anything people wanted at the Mills. Really the only thing to buy out there is clothing and the occasional appliance or household item… and LEGOs. The LEGO outlet was pretty cool.

Departing from the long long long entries of late, the X-mas crowds really weren’t all that noteworthy. Nothing apart from what I’m used to, I generally don’t get caught up in them. Jenifer let me know that usually she hangs with people with shorter legs, so I had to realize that she doesn’t naturally move as fast as I do. She did beat me one time which was surprising and funny. Unfortunately, I bought more shirts for myself and finally saw a Hollister, the West Coast’s answer to A&F. It was so DARK inside. Jenifer kept picking out shirts and I kept trying to find a good light to hold them under to give her a fair opinion. I did find something for my mother out there, but nothing for anyone else. My father let me know what he wanted on the phone and what my brother wanted, and I haven’t really been able to find those things, but gift cards will suffice in this case. Considering the reception to my physical gifts in the past, I’ll be ok with gift cards if it means people get what they want.

As for my friends, I don’t normally exchange gifts in the traditional sense. I’m more for taking each other out to dinner, or getting drinks or seeing movies. Anything to spend time with the people I care about makes me happy. Now I certainly don’t mind anyone giving me gifts, but fair warning, it isn’t expected or anticipated.

Turkey, Greens and Rice = DinnerTonight I made a pretty big meal, for me. I had a hankering for collard greens, and my mother’s method (now) involves using smoked turkey parts instead of hamhocks, and with the right parts, they can be the meat of the meal. It worked out well and I’m stuffed with leftovers for tomorrow, so it’s all good. 🙂 I made jasmine rice, adding baby carrots and garlic and true to my mother’s form, there’s an insulating layer of overcooked (burnt) rice on the bottom of the pan, but plenty of good fluffy/sticky rice in the pan to eat. With my mom, if there wasn’t some burnt rice in the pan, it wasn’t dinner. The same went for spaghetti sauce, but it was Ragu, heavy on the sugar in those days.

I haven’t gotten online for any gaming yet this weekend, I did archive some stuff to dvd-r off the computer to free up some space and mostly put reruns and movies on the tv to help me get motivated to clean up. At Brian’s party this month, I think I mentioned to one or two people that I would have people over for some kind of even this January or February, and while I don’t know if they remember me saying that, I think I should keep myself to it. For my birthday, people ate less than 3 blocks away from my apartment, but they were not asked back (though I have NO idea how I would fit 20 people in my place), still inside it got to me a little bit that I know my place wasn’t suitable, in my mind, for company. Many things have been thrown out this weekend and there are more items on the chopping block. This place will get put together by just after the new year and ready to have people over. Not that anyone calls up to come over and hang out, but still…

P.S. I will be in Philly for New Year’s, so people in the area, heads up. 😉

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