Sweep, sweep, sweep

It’s no surprise to me now that constant stress can make people sick. I think it’s trying to kill me! I took today off from work, the office has just been beating me down, mentally. I woke up in such pain. The cold that I had a brief affair with has been turned into a new permanent lodger due to stress. I’m sure if I can make it through the holidays, I’ll be ok, but man I wish my family would decide that the whole gift giving thing really isn’t our strength and give it up.

Since the office potluck is tomorrow, I’ve baked a cheesecake, well it’s still baking, and in the meantime did a few loads of laundry and then cleaned up. It’s pretty bad when there’s stuff on the floor for so long that when you do tidy up and sweep/swiffer the floor… it just doesn’t look right.

I made a few updates on my website lately, too. I’ve turned the webcam back on and it has its own page in addition to adding a Dynamic DNS account so I can do a little live streaming from my home PC to the website. We’ll see if that works, or if it totally crashes my system. Ah well, what my cable internet providers don’t know, won’t kill me. I also reconnected with a good friend from across the pond, Dan. We are old time chat/cam chat buddies from back in the day and it’s good to see what he’s up to.

Back to work now, the cheesecake needs to cool and a batch or two of brownies needs to be whipped up. Ah, such kitchen magic. Thank GODS someone else is gonna eat all this stuff.

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