my arm hurts and my booty doesn’t take direction

Bowling last night was kinda fun, but I feel worn out by it. I wore my Delta Lambda Phi pledge class shirt as my “costume” since nothing else I had was suitable for bowling (or walking to the metro train) in and it does look pretty good on me if not a bit tight. Jenifer wore a great Eeyore costume for a few frames and then shed it so she could focus on her bowling.

I had a good night score wise, 172/168/131 – like the South, my average will rise again and I feel like I’m shooting myself in the foot for a comedown later in the season. Unfortunately the team we were up against all bowled above average each game and it was a position round, so we’ll be falling in the ranks. They were fun to bowl against though, and Jenifer engaged one in conversation about my ass, he commented that it had a mind of its own and she said that maybe, but it probably didn’t take direction very well. If I thought it would distract the other team to any measurable amount, I would find tighter jeans to wear every single week… I’m definitely having more fun now than when we first started, but it would be nice to win more games and it is kinda cool to chart my average over the season and see it’s gone up by 9 points since starting.

Otherwise, Halloween passed without much incident, I had some downtime on Saturday night which I used for personal ritual time and then most everyone was busy by the time I was up for doing stuff, so I spent the rest of the night at home catching up on Chef! from Netflix and playing a bit of City of Villains. I never realized how much more relaxing the game is when you turn off the public chat channels! 🙂 I’m also pretty impressed that I spent the day with Doug () and didn’t mention Civilization IV once! I’m still not very good with the military options, I prefer to focus on culture and gain the other civ’s cities through defection, but this AI is a bit smarter than the last few, when it sees a rebellion forming, it’s quicker to act (if it can) to make the people there happy again. The game is definitely suited for those that could micromanage if they wanted to, but also works as well with a few decisions and autopilot. Micromanagement is why The Sims drove me nuts.

In other news, (Sc)Alito scares me… but Bush’s apparent “good faith” effort scares me even more (“I tried to nominate a woman, I really did!”). I hate when the administration does something terrifyingly smart under the guise of stupidity.

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