dissent: ur doin it wrong

I wasn’t able to watch Obama’s speech on health care last night, but friends on twitter, Facebook and IM kept me up to speed.

Wilson shouts 'you lie' at Obama, then apologizes

When I saw a flurry of messages asking, “Who just shouted out ‘You lie!’?” I was stunned. Apparently Representative Joe Wilson (R-SC)–even though he’d been provided with a copy of Obama’s speech ahead of time–could not hold in his outrage at the incorrect implication that undocumented immigrants might benefit from healthcare. I believe a few people have pointed out that the language states otherwise, but when has the truth ever mattered when it comes to political discourse?

Stay classy, South Carolina.

I briefly thought that his party would praise him, but apparently everyone was calling him out for his disrespectful outburst. Even so, it made me think that there’s a time and a place to express your dissent, and I had to find an example of two who can only be called experts at it:

I know, it’s not video per se, but this is one of my favorites and I couldn’t find a proper video of it. YouTube just doesn’t care about quality anymore… 😉

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3 Responses

  1. Fredo says:

    That picture up top is begging to be LOLified.
    .-= latest entry: The Road to 170-ish: Milestone 199.5 =-.

  2. lacochran says:

    The desperation on the Republican side is getting bizarre.
    .-= latest entry: "So I might steal your diamonds, I’ll bring you back some gold" –Gregg Allman =-.

  3. shindo says:

    I definitely agree with lachochran: What is up with the boorish obstructionism of late? It is desperate.

    @brian: As for the Muppets, I’m glad you included that.
    .-= latest entry: The Head on the Door =-.

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