Netflix Settlement?

Netflix Settlement – I’m not really sure how I feel about this.

On the one hand, it is a little sneaky for Netflix to promise one day delivery or unlimited rentals because I know the former is impossible to guarantee unless they’re psychic and the latter would allow a great many people to take advantage of Netflix and other users. However any savvy consumer would realize that you’re getting a great service and that Netflix isn’t Santa Claus. Hell I live in DC and am amazed when the movies come the next day.

And Netflix’s resolution? Even sneakier – they’ll give customers a free upgrade for a month, after which you must remember to cancel the upgrade or else you’ll pay full price for it. That sounds like those “Consumer Services” your credit card company offers (yes, and I used to try to sell), we won’t bill you for 90 days, and all you have to do is cancel before the billing date…

According to this site, the lead plaintiff gets $2,000, and his lawyers will net about $2,528,000 from legal/court fees… and speculates that Netflix will try to make that up from the customers that neglect to cancel their “free” upgraded accounts after the 30 days. Makes a bit of sense considering how many subscribers there are, it wouldn’t take that long.

I just have to wonder, who the heck can possibly be watching that many dvds, so often that they’d be upset by missing a day in the mail or having their choices throttled back for being a frequent user (something Netflix admits they do)? Kinda makes me think this dude wasn’t watching the movies but possibly running a little copy ring at home. However he could well be retired or homebound and these movies are his only entertainment outlet, but I doubt it.

It’s not exactly tilting at windmills, but it really does seem like just another frivolous lawsuit. I haven’t decided what I’ll do, but part of me wants to opt-out just to see if the case gets thrown out and perhaps the plaintiff will find a life… or go sue Starbucks next or something.

[noticed on BoingBoing]

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