drop the f*****g hammer

I got a note from LiveJournal today that I’ve got 10 more days on my paid account and then it reverts to a freebie. I’m pretty sure that I can take the hit, as I update everything through WordPress via urbanbohemian and I rarely change my userpic from the default and I should still be able to post, just with less bells and whistles.

I think LJ is a great service, so I ponied up some cash like I do for pretty much any good web based tech that has great potential. Though I feel that some people do fall into the trap of forgetting that LJ is just one means of (online) communication and while it can be an alluring one-stop shop there are many other good blogs, journals and such in other places that won’t be brought to you via a convenient friends list.

Join the revolution, break free of the LiveJournal shackles, start up your own site and your own blog!!! Or hell, just stay with LJ, it’s free after all. 😉

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