A Tissue Of Lies

A Tissue Of Lies | washingtonpost.com

A cute looking into the milk-bread-and-toilet-paper (MBTP) myth. One amusing excerpt,

Look! gawp the TV weather people, zooming in on denuded supermarket shelves, as if a Dupont Circle supermarket had suddenly turned into a Soviet supply depot. It’s not really snowing until someone reports a run on MBTP.

Clearly this person has never been shopping in a Dupont Circle supermarket even when it isn’t snowing. Soviet is still a pretty apt nickname at the most temperate times of the year.

And the closing stinger,

On the other hand, Scotch, chocolate and a good steak are pretty good minimal luxuries, too, and you don’t hear half as much about them when it snows.

I like the way this guy thinks.

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