nibble or munch?

Trying to post this with a straight face… from A-Z of bananas | ivillage

Psychologists have identified five personality types based on the way people eat bananas:

  • Nibblers peel the banana slowly, carefully eating only the exposed area – they tend to be cautious, thoughtful and conservative.
  • Munchers peel the banana fully and take large greedy bites – these people are positive and independent types.
  • Breakers break their bananas into quarters and eat them section by section – revealing creativity, sensuality and thoughtfulness.
  • Cutters eat their bananas from plates, cutting the fruit into pieces and eating with a knife and fork – they tend to be highly organised control freaks.
  • Eccentrics are unpredictable, eating their bananas in a variety of different ways: breaking it into three, for example, or eating from the middle. These people are non-confirmists, rebellious and impulsive.

I’m sure the same applies to cookies and candy bars… and pizza slices.

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  1. Jenifer says:

    what’s with the lack of bowling posts? we kicked ass this week and you’re writing about BANANAS, for god’s sake.

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