Daily Archive: January 27, 2006


No, Belgian…

2 tidbits From DCist’s Overheard in DC Dupont Circle: 20-something woman: ” . . .and when she asked him if he is gay or metro.” 40-something woman: “Metrosexual, hmpf, in my day we called that ‘euro-trash.’” European man: “What is...


The Big Gay Agenda, Revealed!

The Gate’s columnist Mark Morford (I advise adding his feed to your RSS reader) recently wrote a column praising Brokeback Mountain today goes after The Homosexual Agenda and begins to reveal what “the gays” really want… Do you know what...


Excessive Warnings

A fun parody on the FBI/Interpol warnings that appear before dvd/vhs movies. From Brenda Make, author of The Rights of Numbers.