Daily Archive: January 26, 2006



I’m watching Will and Grace that my TiVo recorded for me… and I’m kinda sorta enjoying it. Just shoot me now.



Thanks to Fredo for the great picture of the metro train which I swiped for the header image on my blog. I told him I’d do it someday, now all we have to do is measure that kilt inseam…


Design vs. Content

This is the trap I usually fall into when I’m changing the look of my websites, I get so focused in design and how things should look that I totally forget to continue creating content, which for this site is...


Pick it up!

Exactly WHAT is with the roller bags that LOOK like backpacks with the handles and wheels on them. Is there anyone that’s actually wearing these things on their backs some of the time? Seems like they just get in the...