The Big Gay Agenda, Revealed!

The Homosexual AgendaThe Gate’s columnist Mark Morford (I advise adding his feed to your RSS reader) recently wrote a column praising Brokeback Mountain today goes after The Homosexual Agenda and begins to reveal what “the gays” really want

Do you know what it is? Do you want to know the real gay agenda, what 96.8 percent of all gay couples wish for every single day including Sunday? Here it is:

From what I can glean and above all else, the gay people of America seem to want this simply inexcusable level of boundless, unchecked normalcy. It’s true. For some reason, they believe the utterly disgusting idea that they should be able to live their lives in peace and trust and health, with full support and assistance from their schools and hospitals and government, just like everyone else. I know. Shudder.

It is, in fact, remarkably similar to what heteros want. And women. And black people. And immigrants. And dwarves…

The “adorably rabid” letters crack me up, the word honosexualiy gave me a good few minutes of chuckle and makes me want to pen a new word for the radical right’s fear, “Oh-No! Sexuality” which would seem to extend beyond just homosexuality woes.

Raine recently wrote about/copied this article in his journal discussing the double standard that exists in films and in society about how it seems perfectly okay for men to go gaga over two women getting it on (which you see a LOT of on screen), however for a woman (or gay/straight man too) to get good vibrations from watching two men going at it, let alone for that to happen on a movie screen is totally taboo. The comments on this article range from “well duh” to some pretty insightful views on gender roles.

Personally I’m happy to see Brokeback is doing well, I don’t know if I’m going to see it or not, what with all the hype. I’m sitting back and waiting for some other good honest portrayals to come to the screen. Goodness forbid an american film studio produces racially diverse/color-blind casted movies, or we stop needing to have art house theaters to see great films about all sorts of people from all walks of life, not just movies that will appeal to the middle class demographic.

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7 Responses

  1. MiKe says:

    ZOMG I LUrrrrrrve your new look! ‘Specially the metro pic masthead thingy. Where did you get it? Did you take it?
    oh, and Hi!

  2. Brian says:

    Ha! I wish I could take credit for ANY of this, but it’s a template which I only fiddled around with, and the picture of the metro was taken by Fredo which I snipped a piece from for my header. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Eryn says:

    My agenda is to make sure everyone is fruity-lucious! I’m going to hell!

  4. Esprix says:

    Rent’s a pretty colorblind show.

  5. Jenifer says:

    Here’s the thing: on many levels, yes, The Gays are just like the straights — we pay the bills, want to be good people, be happy, blah blah blah. But you know, we are different, and damn it, that is supposed to be okay. Diversity. Strength in having different kinds of people living together well. Respect for all human people no matter their heritage, gender, race, religion, etc.

    I just fail — repeatedly — to understand why in order to be tolerated or welcomed in this supposedly “free” country, we all have to be the same. That strikes me as the weakest form of society for which we could aim.

  6. Brian says:

    Casting of RENT is certainly diverse, but it doesn’t count as colorblind. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Esprix says:

    What do you want, Disney’s live cast of Cinderella again? ๐Ÿ˜›

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