Daily Archive: January 6, 2006


All Hail the Queen!

Queen Latifah Gets Hollywood Star | washingtonpost.com Almost forgot to give my girl some props! “Who would have known that in the ’70s, when a pink 8-pound baby girl was born, this is where she would be today. She came...


We’ll never find another voice like yours

Grammy-Winning Singer Lou Rawls Dies | washingtonpost.com His R&B, jazz and gospel music was one of the voices I grew up with, my parents loving it. I’d always flip past his telethons unless he was on talking or singing, heck...


who needs words when I have webcomics?

Ah Friday, the payoff day for most webcomics. Today’s Real Life (in which the character is just starting a new job) shows that geeks are indeed, everywhere. But silly comic character, you can set your TiVo from the internet, duh!...