morning moisture

IMG_2243Bad News: I left the windows open last night, so woke up and still felt like I was in muggy weather nap mode. Good News: Because of the moisture in my apartment, I’m not getting a shock from every single piece of metal in the place.

Bad News: I walked out of the house completely forgetting to pop my Netflix dvds in the mail. Good News: Due to their throttling, this is probably not such a bad thing as they last sent me a new release even though it was 4th in my queue.

Bad News: I was up ’til too late in the AM playing World of Warcraft before bed. Good News: I hit level 20 (and ½) with my main character. I don’t know if that’s good, but in City of Heroes every 10th is like a milestone, so I see no reason to think of it otherwise now.

Bad News: I am eating way too much and gaining pounds faster than I’d like. Good News: Hm… nope, I got nothing.

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