It’s snow, but not as we know it

2/3/07 14:56Ok sure, it snowed, but not enough. It’s still just freakin’ cold, I’m feeling sick, I made it into work today because I feared that there’d be a skeleton crew (we’re a small team, so it doesn’t take much) and when I got up this morning, my manager e-mailed me she’d be out about 3 minutes before I was going to e-mail her the same, so she beat me.

I am thinking of leaving the office a bit early today, I’m craving something home cooked, but I don’t have any food in the house. A roast chicken would be lovely, as would grilled pork chops or a steak — or homemade soup, mmmmm. Unfortunately I have no food in the house so I’ll have to stop at the store, which would terrify me when there’s snow on the ground except that I’m leaving early so maybe I can beat the rush of people that didn’t punk out and stay home today. Hm, the more I think of it, roast chicken might be a winner tonight, perhaps with rice and grilled/sauteed peppers.

E-mail from my mom:

I heard that you all are freezing up there. I hope you are wearing a hat. I know you don’t like them, but you lose a lot of body heat through your head. But you know that already. Take care and keep warm.

Ask her quickly and my mom couldn’t tell you my age and she might try to call me by the wrong name, but after thirty*mumble* years, she still remembers that I’m not fond of wearing hats. My mother was never much of an adventurous cook, with two kids, her own job and a traveling husband – she didn’t have the time. But when a blizzard did roll through Atlanta from time to time and I was sick she was right there with instant cocoa (with “marshmallows”) and Campbell’s chicken noodle soup. Growing up on the instant and canned foods in the 70s, it’s a miracle that I’m not a walking salt lick today, but damn if I wouldn’t like to go home this afternoon and have some salty soup and questionable cocoa waiting for me.

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