urban courtesy

To the gentleman yesterday afternoon that tried to warn me of the police issuing jaywalking tickets… thank you. Unfortunately, I both had my iPod in and I don’t understand Spanish and I was less than a block from my place so I wasn’t really paying attention to anything AND I’d forgotten both of the articles I’d read that day about it. It really didn’t snap into focus until I was inside my place that as I crossed the street, I saw an officer giving some guy a ticket without there being any cars stopped.

I’ll be more careful now. Like when I visited Sean out in San Diego and I started to jaywalk, since we in DC have pretty much turned it into a professional sport, and he grabbed me and pulled me back hissing, “They’ll give you a ticket for that!!!” So I’m guessing either there’s a safety initiative at work here, or they’re just running a little low on revenue and need new targets.

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