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It’s currently setting in the freezer and it would have been finished faster if I had either a second person with me, or a larger kitchen. I would have taken step by step photos, but there’s a lot of time and temperature sensitive steps, it all came together better than I expected. I had some good advice on taming egg whites, and I cheated on the melted chocolate, giving it a head start in the microwave before moving it to the stove.

The first layer is a sponge cake with ground hazelnuts and cocoa powder, then the majority of it is chocolate mousse and topped with a chocolate ganache. It looks fantastic, even if it might be a little darker chocolate than I normally like, but hopefully it’ll go over well with the others. It’s always fun making something new, especially for a non-judgmental audience–you see that, I said it on the internet, so that makes it true, so no slamming my cake later!

Unfortunately the kitchen is now an absolute mess, between a tiny sink and mini dishwasher there’s barely enough room to get everything clean in a single sweep. Bah!

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