not safe after dark

I’ve lived in places where those words have pretty much always been appropriate. I still get a shiver when people talk about the Atlanta child murders.

NW Man Fatally Shot While Walking Dog

A 34-year-old businessman who was walking a dog in the Mount Pleasant section of Northwest Washington was shot to death there late Saturday, D.C. police said.

I walk around my neighborhood all the time, day and night. And sure, at night I’m a little more careful and aware of my surroundings. From the police reports, I know that I can’t count on the color of my skin to ‘protect’ me, but most of the reports are of people that seem to be walking around with way too much cash on the streets in the middle of the night anyway. This one just seems senseless, perhaps a robbery or a mugging, but why kill him, let alone shoot him in the face? He was just out walking his dog.

I usually never think twice about walking home from U st, or walking back from a late night excursion, that’ll change a bit from now on.

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  1. Alive says:

    That’s why i…

    a. carry a firearm at night in dc always
    b. am trained to use it
    c. don’t allow anyone suspicious within 15 feet of me. and yes, that means i’ll walk out into the street if i have to to prevent a tactical disadvantage

    after 31 years here i’ve realized the hard way that dc is a nasty nasty city at night. staying alive and being active means refusing to be a victim.

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