Where all da RP at?

So I signed away a little more of my free time last night, I created a new character on World of Warcraft… on an RP server (Thorium Brotherhood). At least that’s what I *think* it is. The General channel was filled with standard chatter, for a while it was above the usual abbreviations and Chuck Norris jokes, however I couldn’t get anyone to tell me what channel people do RP on! Most people saying that it happens mostly in parties and on Guild channels.

Ok I can maybe see that happening, but there’s a big world out there, plenty to say and do on Local channel to each other. I felt kinda dumb having my Druid pass out buffs saying, “Nature’s blessing be upon you!” and getting back “thx dude” “u rock”. I did team up with one person for a particularly rough quest or two and we did play in character on the Party channel, but I guess WoW is rough for people who aren’t inclined to type. I enjoy playing using TeamSpeak or similar, but you can’t really RP well in voice chat, especially if playing cross-gender.

Still, I got my Night Elf druid up to level 10 last night before bedtime and completed my first shapeshifting quest. I created the character to roam around with , so I’ll need a few levels before heading over to Human lands, plus hopefully a Flight Path guide (Thottbot is a nice aid to quell my frustration) so I can maximize the effectiveness of the trip. There was considerably more RP once I got out of the newbie areas (which I’m almost out of) and some humans actually helped me complete my druid quest, though they were very silent so I’m not sure if they were helping or grinding as we weren’t actually partied up. I don’t quite have the hang of Bear Form yet, but I chose sleep over play (see? I still have some sense) and will fool around with it today.

I long for the global username function from City of Heroes though as I can’t recall my character’s name and it would be so much easier to have one single chat ID for all of my characters. Ah well back to work, but with daydreams of Azeroth.

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