Monthly Archive: March 2006


Bitches love smiley faces…*

To whoever just sent me the text message, thank you. I had no idea of the relative distance of adult DNA with relation to the heavenly bodies. I also have no idea who you are as your number isn’t stored...


2 part (e)harmony

*cue ‘This Will Be (an everlasting love)’ I usually only have to think of eharmony’s annoying as hell commercials to keep me from considering using any online dating service. They’ve spoiled it all for me, especially with their “proven successful...


stub it out

From the website of DC Council Member Jack Evans (Ward 2): The Congressional review period has ended for DC’s smoking ban legislation. This means, as of Monday, April 3, smoking will be prohibited in all public places of employment and...


aargh, again!

ThinkGeek got me again this year, however it was due to the e-mail going out on the 31st instead of the 1st that I didn’t even think about it. See this month’s newsletter and you too will want to buy...


hardcore amateur food porn

Success! The cake turned out great, and we made sweet potato ravioli. I’ve never made pasta before and it was horribly easy and great fun. We might just have to do this on a regular basis. Check out the pics...


grease my palm

Tagged by Name five items or services with which you could be bribed. Money is the obvious example. After your answers ‘tag’ at least five people so that this will spread like a stinky wildfire. my own condo with a...


urban courtesy

To the gentleman yesterday afternoon that tried to warn me of the police issuing jaywalking tickets… thank you. Unfortunately, I both had my iPod in and I don’t understand Spanish and I was less than a block from my place...


sin, quantified

Triple. Chocolate. Mousse. Cake. It’s currently setting in the freezer and it would have been finished faster if I had either a second person with me, or a larger kitchen. I would have taken step by step photos, but there’s...


you’re emo, no YOU’RE emo

Two Hipsters Angrily Call Each Other ‘Hipster’ | The Onion “Whatever you say, scenester,” Guterman allegedly replied. “Don’t you have a Death Cab For Cutie show to be at right now?”


don’t fight the food coma

First a Happy Birthday shout out to CJ! Indian food wiped my ass out last night! I swung by the Tivoli Giant (also called Bling Bling Giant) on the way home to pick up cake ingredients. Even if it fails...