Daily Archive: April 4, 2006


get yer game on!

Amazon.com is offering free shipping on many Milton Bradley games and quite a few are on sale. Hungry Hungry Hippos is unfortunately $18, but hey Cootie is down to 5 bucks! Fun Fact: Milton Bradley invented the paper cutter, affectionately...


oh my gosh! that’s not funny!

Only Al Franken could make me enjoy listening to him (faux) vomit on the audio book of “The Truth (with jokes)”.. twice! Discussing Rove’s dishonest tactics made him sick, hilarious. [Bonus: video interview with Franken about the book]


Cherry Pits

Cherry Pits – for DCist uploaded by flickrite DCist. This is just one of the reasons I want the freakin’ tourists OUT of my city. This is a city, not an amusement park! I guess I wasn’t really surprised by...