Five Things No Bar Should Have

From Esquire: Five Things No Bar Should Have

  1. Natural light
  2. Patrons who are reading
  3. Loud music
  4. Dogs
  5. Twenty-two-year-old female bartenders who “just wanna party”

I’m with him on the loud music, and the “party” bartenders.. and I guess the dogs. Who the heck brings a dog into a bar? But the natural light and reading patrons? Booo! I get talked to more in a bar when I’m reading than not. But that’s probably because it implies that I’m actually not interested in cruising and games at the moment, which makes me a “catch.” And I’m fairly sure every bar in the “climate never changes” part of California would riot over that no natural light thing. Seems like this guy wants every bar in the world to be “Cheers.” Full of surly drunks where everybody knows your name.. from having to tell you to get the hell out already, it’s closing time.

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  1. K says:

    Even more than reading, journaling in a bar will get people’s interest quickly. Of course, it may be they are worried I am writing something about them…

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