This should be a sign that he isn’t worth it.

Transcript of the Instant Messenger conversation with Sunday’s no-show, the screen names have been changed to protect my sanity.

Brian: Good morning.
VKev: hellooooo
Brian: How’s it going?
VKev: ok, and you?
Brian: Not too bad. Wondering what happened to ya.
VKev: as far as…
Brian: Well Sunday, and I haven’t seen you online since Sat. night.
VKev: I wasn’t feeling well Sunday. Only myself to blame I suppose. 😛
VKev: We talked about doing something Sunday but didn’t make a specific plan did we?
Brian: Actually we did. Made plans to chat in the morning, meet at Courthouse @ noon, then go to brunch.
VKev: argh. Now I feel like a heel.
VKev: I apologize. I’d had too much to drink I think.
Brian: Apparently.
VKev signed off at 8:10:36 AM.

So I don’t know what to say. Is being hungover drunk a reasonable excuse when you make plans with someone and don’t contact them at ALL?

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