Daily Archive: May 2, 2006


The Great Wave

We went over to the Sackler Gallery to see the Hokusai exhibit which was amazing and huge. Locals should try to see it if possible, it runs through May 14. That killed a good 45 mins and when we came...


cough, choke and gag

I was getting ready to write a post, but there’s some kind of electrical burning smell in here and no one seems to know where from, so we’re leaving for a while. There’s been no official alarm called in tho.


Fresno? Nobody goes to Fresno anymore!

Sign up for weekly email specials at Office Depot and get a coupon for a free 10pk CD-R, a $9.99 value. I’m sure some people out there still use these, right? Also, the site with the sign up isn’t at...