Monthly Archive: June 2006


As spammed on TV

Sometimes SPAM really is entertaining: Hulk Hogan Ultimate Grill — Replaces 5 different kitchen appliances & then some!


You Are The Universe

The two cosmos and a shared bottle of red wine are starting to work their magic on my consciousness, so I’ll just leave you with a bit of today’s theme song: “You Are The Universe” by The Brand New Heavies...



Frappucinos at Starbucks that aren’t calorie explosions! How do the new summer Starbucks blends stack up? | Slashfood


Hunter becomes the hunted

Well the workshop wasn’t all that bad, actually one of the presenters was downright gorgeous. Wedding band, of course, but still it made for a nice distraction as most of the information was very easy to take in and some...


I needed a chuckle

I’m about to head into a 2-hr workshop on cyber security, I need a laugh. Bless you webcomics! Penny Arcade: Men Are From Krypton Real Life: Casual Gamers Anonymous *ahh, that’s better. That CGA joke is SO true as well....


Everybody say LOVE!

This was too good not to post. “Supermodel of the World” RuPaul in her his pre-Supermodel days performing on the Gong Show in 1988. It’s a little rough around the edges and long way off from “You Betta’ Work” –...


*cough, cough, cough*

U.S. Details Dangers of Secondhand Smoking | Secondhand smoke dramatically increases the risk of heart disease and lung cancer in nonsmokers and can be controlled only by making indoor spaces smoke-free, according to a comprehensive report issued yesterday by...


Better now

Not only am I at work, but my standard post-hypnotic suggestion, “look at your camera phone” kicked in when I got home and it reminded me that I saw a new India Arie album and a new Brand New Heavies...


Office Inanity

We all deal with some pretty friggin’ petty things at our workplace, but for some reason this just irks me. I’m a contractor, so generally we get the leftovers when it comes to in-house supplies, including computer speakers, phones and.....