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The process of making my brain work today is extremely elusive. It doesn’t feel like I had a long weekend, just my Mon/Tues was dealing with using the noggin for other types of thinking. I almost forgot my passwords this morning. I guess we really get into a rhythm!

I didn’t scan in the notes I jotted down on my first day of training. One of the lines is: chicken bacon garlic basil chocolate, ignoring that last one (I have a brownie recipe I want to make) all signs point to making another roast chicken. Perhaps tomorrow evening or Friday! I may have to do some more banana bread as well, since I can’t seem to eat the produce I buy fast enough and my bananas are going all spotty!

Tales from the Gay Geek Side: I was watching the AbFab series 4 dvd last night, mostly to see the Mirrorball pilot and I was marveling a bit at the dvd menu structure and realized I really liked the music they used, it was a generic house/dance type of loop, about 30 seconds in length and I thought, “Hmmmm, ringtone?” So a few mins later I was ripping the menu off the dvd to its own video file, extracting the audio from that, importing the 30 sec track to iTunes and then downsampling it. I transferred that file to the mac, connected up to my phone via bluetooth and popped the file into the ‘audio’ folder.

Simple, huh? I think to balance out the geek scales, Fate decided that today would be the day I cancel/suspend my WoW account. I haven’t played it in ages, and when I’m ready to go back, I still have the pre-paid time cards.

I told Serge earlier, that I’d like a steak, a martini and a nap — in that order. The after-work dinner and happy hour will have to do. Maybe I’ll have time to sneak in a nap before then.

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