Late 9-1-1 wears the late crown

No quoting “911 is a Joke” but c’mon MPD, get your act together. From the WaPo, In D.C., a Crime Goes Unchecked. A Dupont Circle resident witnessed a crime, called 911 and decides to keep tabs on things, not the safest course of action but as a resident he wanted to see justice done. Poor, poor optimistic guy, he called 911 twice and flagged down two police cars…

They were responding to a dispute at a restaurant, and they walked off. I ran and caught up to the attacker, though trying to stay out of sight, and managed to flag down another police car. I again described the man, pointed him out just up the street and then pointed back toward the circle, where emergency workers were loading the victim into an ambulance. The cops seemed annoyed. They gave each other a look, sat for a beat, then said “Okay, thanks” and drove off — in the opposite direction from the man who had just attacked a person in the middle of a public park. He strutted off into the dark.

It was odd to watch a suspect go one way as the police headed another when all I’ve heard about lately is how the city is in the middle of a “crime emergency.”

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