Take a giant step outside your mind

I’d love to do just that, believe me. I’m a little stressed out around the office lately and I imagine I’ll be reacting a little like Tweek for the next week or so while I get used to being in charge around here. My manager had to take her pregnancy leave much earlier than expected (nearly a month earlier) which leaves me managing the web team. And it’s not that her job is particularly hard as much as it was pretty insulated. It’s not really a Manager/Asst. Manager type set-up here, so there’s just a lot of information she was privy to that didn’t trickle down to the team, and it didn’t really need to. However when she’s out, it seems to be the assumption of other management on the contract that we’re all like The Borg and when one’s out, the rest all know exactly what they knew… this totally isn’t the case. So I’m dealing with it, having a little freak-out here and there, but coping.

So I ask that people send me as many interesting diversions as they possibly can, if during the day, just make it work-safe. This article kinda makes me sad, Internet Killed the Handwriting Star:

When handwritten essays were introduced on the SAT exams for the class of 2006, just 15 percent of the almost 1.5 million students wrote their answers in cursive. The rest? They printed. Block letters.

When I first went to college, a friend and I were totally lost on campus and we dashed to the wrong classroom, but didn’t realize it until the professor got up and announced that we were in “Reading” – and we glanced at the syllabus before making our apologies and finding the right room, but later on we just couldn’t believe that people had made it to college without sufficient reading skills. And now to know that people can’t (literally) write? That’s just freaky. Bad handwriting doesn’t really get to me, but a total lack of penmanship… that ain’t right.

Otherwise, I caught up Battlestar Galactica, still need to catch up on Heroes and Studio 60, and also interested in 30 Rock. I’m thinking more and more about getting that TiVo hard drive upgrade just so I stop seeing the little yellow circles and exclamation points signifying deletion.

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