Oh god make it stop!

Ah Monday, the start of the work week, when you have to deal with everything you got too fed up to deal with on Friday and walked out on, yay! I have good tunes today, at least:

Defected in the House
Miami 06

Defected in the House
Eivissa 06

Pretty much anything from Defected, I’m good with, and these are each 3-cd sets so I have a good long amount of music to sustain me throughout the day. It’s not the “house music” I grew up on, but a bit more club/dance and that’s a good thing. I really miss having friends that would just want to go out and dance, and to GOOD music, not just hit a club because it’s “the place to go.”

I’m also playing (to death) the new single from Beyoncé feat. Jay-Z, “Deja Vu” — it’s basically a fun summer jam kind of song, it won’t go down in history for any particular merit, but it’s got me dancin’ around the apartment makin’ my hips go crazy and having ex-bf’s in such a small area as DC, the lyrics (at least B’s part) resonate just a tiny bit. Give it a listen and see what you think, and please don’t make fun of me if this has been out and around forever and I’m only just now hearing it, I don’t listen to radio, so I have to go out and research the charts for my music or depend upon my friends for recommendations.

Otherwise the day is looking grim and busy busy busy, as evidenced that I didn’t get around to my morning post until nearly noon. Details of the weekend following shortly.

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