Weekend Recap: In Food

Heck of a nice weekend, weather was great, even Sunday’s grey rainy-ness was a welcome change to the 70 degree days that really shouldn’t be with us anymore this far into autumn. As I mentioned earlier it was the guy‘s birthday this weekend and dating for about 2 months sorta got me off the hook of doing anything massive (he was lucky, he met me a few days before my birthday) I still wanted it to be somewhat special. I sent flowers to his office, picked up a box of chocolates and we went to dinner Fri and Sat nights.

Friday night was Georgia Brown’s, one of the faves among my circle of friends. It rides the fine line between elegant and casual dining. The prices are higher than average, but the atmosphere is still such that one could show up in jeans and not feel out of place. Though as I was waiting for him to arrive a family of four was heading in and the mother was telling her kids, “Now this is a grown up place, so we need to be on our best behavior.” and her young son replied, “If this is a grown up place, why did you bring us here?” – The father cracked up laughing and so did I. Damn that kiddie logic!

Even though it doesn’t appear on their menu as an appetizer, I started with an order of grits. These are some good grits, even non-grits-eater Everett loves ’em. And they ain’t your instant grits, they’re thicker and a bit creamy and quite filling in larger amounts. He had the She Crab soup which looked and smelled great and he approved. I got the Southern Fried Chicken as I’ve never tried it there before and as I was waiting for out table, a gentleman walking out told me that it was the best fried chicken in DC. As Samantha from Bewitched would say, “Well!” — it was good, not great, but good. Lucky for them, my grandmother doesn’t live in DC ‘cos her fried chicken would send theirs packing. The collard greens and mashed potatoes were very good as well. Nothing about the meal left me unsatisfied, and in fact I was nearly needing a stretcher to get out of the place, I was that stuffed.

Saturday (his actual birthdate) we headed over to Georgetown for dinner at Mie N Yu. I’d heard about it from others before, but never been. I don’t often find myself heading over to G’town for dinner or general hanging out because too many of the temptations are awfully expensive, while the people are terribly … low class. The area has always inspired in me images of culture and money, and while there’s plenty of the latter, the former not so much. Still when we entered the place, it was gorgeous, clearly a lot of though had gone into the design and it really did evoke a Silk Road aesthetic. The host’s counter looked more like the concierge counter of a hotel and while the place felt packed, they really had a nice way of keeping paths clear and managing the space they have.

Their menu is a bit of a blend of cuisines, seeming to revolve around Asian influences mostly. I started with their Emperor’s Nectar cocktail and started with Crab Pot Stickers (which came with a nose-hair-singeing Japanese mustard), he had the Smoked Salmon Bruschetta which didn’t suffer too much from the usual bruschetta problem — he was able to bite into it and most of the topping remained intact. Our table was cozy which was fine as we were on a date and all, but we each have long legs and there was a little fumbling to keep from bumping into each other and keep our own legs out of positions where they’d fall asleep. The bread selection was a rather nice presentation, the server came by with a basket of about 5 different types of bread as well as a serving tray with three dishes containing balsamic vinegar and olive oil, butter and what tasted like a wasabi herb butter. Our cocktails were brought in mini shakers which the server blended and poured for us, all in all it gave a great impression of service. For our entrees I ordered the Braised Short Ribs and he got Wasabi Crusted Ahi Tuna both of which were, in the words of Dee-Lite, “Dee-licious, Dee-lovely, Dee-lectable, Dee-vine!” Mie N Yu has a few wine tastings coming over the next few months and I’d happily go back. Plus their own chef tasting menu looked amazing. The cost isn’t for the meek, but I could see it being added into the semi-regular restaurant rotation.

After dinner I got a call from Moose as he happened to be in the Dupont area, so we hoofed it over to the Fab Lounge to meet up with him and have a few more cocktails to round out the evening. I think I’m becoming a lightweight!

We had a much simpler brunch at Childe Harold on Sunday morning, but it was still yummy and on the way home we stopped by de vinos, a great wine store in Adams Morgan where I picked up two bottles one a Rosatto that I’ve never seen before and a Voigner that I first had at The Melting Pot in Dupont with Jhim and others and I look forward to tasting them both. By Sunday evening my tummy was crying out “no more food!” so I had a little juice and cheese and watched Battlestar Galactica (always a mood elevator… really) and played a few games before calling it a night. I look forward to getting home today and watching the Iron Chef America from last night (Rachael Ray vs. Giada De Laurentiis!) as well as the usual FOX offerings. It hasn’t quite been one of those Mondays, but with the weather getting all cool and gloomy, it’ll be nice to be home and dry.

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