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I should have had faith. I did my snow dance last night, even dreamed of snow among other things and woke up to… nothing. No snow outside, just a faint white dusting of salt that had been forced into a single line in the middle of the road by passing cars. Checked OPM Status and no change, the Post reported we were in for a big snowfall, but I didn’t see squat.

That was about 6:15 or so this morning. I go take my shower, get dressed, listen to a little NPR and look out the window again near 7am and see the above with more and more big white fluffy flakes coming down. YAY! :mrgreen:

I don’t know if the temps are conducive to it sticking, but it sure looked pretty. Not some wee drizzly snow, but big ol’ flakes! I don’t want it to paralyze the region, but a day off wouldn’t be too bad. So long as it isn’t like the year I got snowed in with someone I’d only just started dating. I’ll take my stir-crazy alone, thank you very much!

Quick Poll: Umbrellas in the snow (just snow, not a wintry mix)? Yea? Nay? Depends on the volume? Just a chick thing?

Anyway, locals be careful out there if you gotta go out there today. It doesn’t seem to matter where in the US you are, the statement “_____ residents don’t know how to drive in the snow” seems to always hold true.

Update: Thanks to Express for featuring my post, and to the Capital Weather Gang for backing me up… and stealing my idea for a poll.

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9 Responses

  1. Lemmonex says:

    I have become one of those women who carries an umbrella if it is snowing hard. It is embarrassing for a girl from RI, but dammit, I spend too much time on my hair.

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  2. Michael says:

    I think if you’re not wearing a hat then an umbrella is okay, otherwise it’s overkill.

    latest entry: Helping Out

  3. Kyle says:

    Umbrella, definitely. And this…erm, stuff…will only get worse as the day progresses and it becomes freezing rain.

    The streets in DC are usually okay (well, ever since the Marion Barry fiasco of 1996), but the sidewalks are spotty at best. Many residents don’t seem to understand that they are responsible for the sidewalks in front of their homes. I think I’ll try to catch the bus to get closer to my apartment this evening.

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  4. Jon says:

    I think until people learn to use umbrellas responsibly, they should be illegal in the city.

    I’m sure some people can manage to walk down a crowded street without inserting their umbrella into my personal space, but the percentage is not nearly high enough. Throw the baby out with the bath water, I always say.

  5. Fredo says:

    Umbrellas + snow like today’s = teh stupid.

    No one’s exactly getting soaked by something one could easily brush off.

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  6. shindo says:

    Not snowing in my corner of the country, but it’s gotten cold for us all the sudden. BRRR!

    latest entry: San Diego TWineUp, 23 January 2009

  7. lacochran says:

    Hat or hood, yes. Umbrella? No.

    The second wave is coming according to the radio, so be careful out there.

    latest entry: "Though it’s easy to pretend, I know you’re not a fool"–George Michael

  8. What intersection is that in the pic?

    latest entry: Snow Day in DC…

  9. Philippe says:

    As I stated on my Facebook page yesterday…

    “Umbrellas in the snow? I’m sure I speak for most Michiganders when I say: Don’t do it – you’ll almost look as silly as someone trying to clear snow from his driveway with a broom (relating to another tip I gave regarding Washingtonians and their odd behavior when it snows). Bust out your purse or wallet, dig up about $15-$20, and go buy yourself a nice winter hat if you absolutely must protect your dome from the white stuff. Otherwise, throw on a coat with a hood. But, unless the falling snow is somehow mixed with acid or feces, keep the umbrella closed. Just walk in the falling snow and smile. :)”

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