WaPo wants a piece of the app action!

I just got e-mail from the Washington Post about their new iPhone application, City Guide.

We are continuing to explore opportunities to translate features on washingtonpost.com for mobile audiences and the City Guide application was a natural fit. With this application, we are giving mobile users all of the information they need to conveniently navigate the entertainment scene in and around D.C.

Jim Brady, Executive Editor of washingtonpost.com

City Guide application features:

  • The City Guide app is an easy-to-use resource to find local restaurants, bars and clubs.
  • A GPS feature provides a map (and directions to) all surrounding-area locations
  • Search by location name, neighborhood and cuisine
  • Get immediate access to addresses, phone numbers, hours of operation, pricing info, and more
  • Read reviews from award-winning Washington Post food critic Tom Sietsema and the Going Out Gurus
  • Set personal favorites to save time

Tapping around, it looks like a solid application. It had a little trouble finding my exact location, but with a G1 iPhone, I’ve been running into that problem with a few apps that seem to rely more on GPS than cell-tower triangulation. And using the app via EDGE is likely not going to give the best results, but a tap on Arlington (Clarendon) brought up a Google map with markers at each venue. Clicking a venue name takes you to a page with details, address, phone number and a link to a detailed Washington Post review.

I’m not a devotee of the WaPo reviews and listings, but this does seem like a very handy application. The Post has less user-solicited ratings than other services/apps like Yelp or Urbanspoon, but people seem to trust most of the staff reviews. Apps like this make it fun to play “going out roulette” (Urbanspoon especially) since most of us are familiar with a lot of places in DC, it helps to have a handy guide to provide input and inspiration.

To date, I think I’ve only paid for one application. I’m quite content being a freeloader… get it? free… loader… ah, never mind. 🙄

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  1. Free… loader…

    You witty bastard. You never stop!

  1. July 23, 2008

    […] So I played around a little bit more with Washington Post’s City Guide iPhone application. […]

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