What’ll I do with my barcodes now?

According to the NYT, mail-in rebates are going to go the way of the dinosaur:

Whether the rebates were mail-in or via the Internet, they counted on consumers messing up somewhere along the process and, indeed, designed the process so there were opportunities for that to happen. They would reject a certain number of rebate applications either because the wrong part of the box was returned, the application was mailed late, or the product was bought after the rebate offer had expired.

Ok, that is true. I’ve been lucky with rebate submissions in the past but I know many people who’ve been burned and don’t trust them anymore.

And Happy Birthday to another in my Army of Mikes… MiKe! I would have gotten you a gift, but the rebate money that I was supposed to get back on the gift I bought myself was declined. Sorry. (*kidding!)

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