Because I needed a good laugh

I had a good time last night hanging out at Ev’s place to see in the new year, and it was really nice having J spend the weekend. While we were out shopping yesterday, I got a message from my father that my aunt had passed away. It was his brother’s wife, and due to their family dynamics, we were never really very close. I have fond memories of her being a wonderful woman, I just haven’t seen either of them in a very long time. It still shook me up a lot though. After J left today I kinda “unplugged” and watched tv and cleaned up a bit around here and I feel a bit better for it.

I watched Part 1 of the Vicar of Dibley ’06 Christmas Special tonight and even though the actors have clearly aged beyond the roles, they still manage to put on a very good show. In every episode of the series, the Vicar Geraldine would tell the Verger Alice a joke, which Alice would completely fail to get. After seeing the closing of part one, I could only think that this is a joke worthy of appearing in Rich’s livejournal ():

I can’t wait to see Part 2, the fella she’s going to marry is GORGEOUS!

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