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First of all, Let’s Not Bicker and Argue over Who Tapped Who | OiNY

My state and federal tax refunds arrived, woo-hoo! Unfortunately reading this article has me thinking that I should stuff the money into savings and not look back. But the kid in me wants a new wide-screen TV! I have been suffering shopper’s block in the past few months, but I did relent on some new shoes recently. One of my little online shops has free overnight shipping and good discounts. Since my Steve Maddens became snow/ice/salt shoes, they’re pretty much only good for casual events and dancing now so new pairs are appreciated.

I don’t have that many big plans for the weekend. I’d like to see the Jasper Johns exhibit, J is interested in visiting the Library of Congress and I was thinking that dinner at Fogo de Chao on Sunday might be fun as a sort of late V-Day thing.

Since it is a long weekend, I’ll be sending out the feelers to see who wants to get out to banter, bitch, booze and boogie, even in these temps. I can’t believe Lizard Lounge is gone! It wasn’t the greatest party and the crowd often skewed terribly young with a few too many “I’m not actually cool enough to live in New York, I just bring the attitude” diva-types and the price of drinks was astronomical and the lines were horrible to get to the bar, to the coat check and between levels, but at least it was fre– wait, why am I mourning this place? Oh well, it was a fun option to end a long weekend, and their reasons for closing due to the smoking ban are understandable, I guess, but their press release about it sounds like a cop-out. They mention money, and how freedom is being stepped on through forced social engineering, and they highlight the point that adult smoking prevalence in the LGBT community is nearly double that of the general population without commenting on whether or not that’s a good thing. So I’ll just have to find something else for us to do.

I might be having lunch with my father today if he has time. He said he’d be in town for a meeting, however he wasn’t aware of airport issues when I spoke to him, though those should all be gone by now one would think. My father often gives me no more than 48 hours notice when he’ll be in town, sometimes not mentioning it at all. And he knows he runs the risk of me not having any time to hang out with him when he’s here. He’s been learning slowly to give more advance notice, however when he plans to fly up and back in a day, usually standby on a buddy pass his schedule isn’t really flexible.

Ok, I’m out of content, bring on the links…

  • For the new-old-school geek in me: Hard Drive Enclosure Looks Like a Hard Drive. Ohmigod, things that look like what they are?! Boy did they get that wrong. | Gizmodo
  • And for Infinite-Levels-Of-Camp: David Hasslehoff: In Vegas… In Drag. | Towleroad
  • Oh yeah and about the Amaechi/Hardaway thing, it’s not surprising, and it won’t be the last. Though I imagine other homophobes will be a little more discreet about their opinions. ‘Nuff said.

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