Misanthrope Thursday

Misanthropsday? A few things here and there are making me feel as though I’m having a Murphy’s Week. Not to the extreme, just a bunch of annoyances dealing with the human race and as such, I hate people today. I turned to my manager and said as much this morning and she said, “Yeah, I noticed.” This was after a co-worker walked by my desk, saw I had a doughnut and just sat there, staring at it. I believe this was meant to be cute, but honestly would you want someone staring at you while you eat or worse staring at your food while you’re not eating it like the house pet crafting a cunning heist? The co-worker has been put on a no sugar diet at the moment and I responded, “That’s too bad,” tinged with frost. — As I’m now tucking into a bag of potato chips, my manager thinks that I’m trying to make others suffer by watching me eat junk food.

In between tasks, I’m browsing the net looking for something to restore my faith that I shouldn’t buy a bunch of survival gear and build a shack in the middle of a red state somewhere.

J and I saw a screening of Zodiac last night. Good film, too long, and it was almost worse than your regular moviegoing experience as the people there hadn’t paid anything to get in so felt that even the usual niceties were out. The people with Allied Advertising were trying to keep things under control, counting open seats and asking from time to time that people raise their hands if they were next to an empty seat. As the place got more full (they’d even opened up a “Press Only” row) this guy in a huge puffy jacket with his arms full of snacks, screams at the top of his lungs in a very whiny 5-year old manner, “WHO HAS AN EMPTY SEAT NEXT TO THEM?! PUT YOUR HAND UP!!” as people stared at him like he was a moron he finally remembered to say please and then thank you.

Note to self: You don’t have a very elaborate morning routine, but when it’s disrupted, it will affect your day.

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