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How much change?

Following up Big Daddy Kane’s post about benefits of an office move. I’m working on cleaning up the desks of people that have left us for one reason or another which means cleaning out filing cabinets marking stuff to save or to toss. Well I stumble upon every office worker’s friend in a time of need: the change pile! A troll past a few desks, and adding my own filled a latte mug. I’m gonna swing past Coinstar on the way home and see how much this nets. They let you keep it all if you put it towards an code so in the words of old school Wheel of Fortune, “…and I’ll put the rest on a gift certificate!” Maybe I’ll even use a free Redbox code and grab a movie if there’s anything good.

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2 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    Ahhh, yes. The big change jar. Ray and I have one in our bedroom. It’s next to the clothes hamper that we never use (the floor is so much more conveniently located). It usually fills up very slowly (neither one of us carry cash on a regular basis), but we cashed it in last summer right before we went to Egypt and got $350! (Wanna guess how heavy $350 in coins is?)

    I’d cry if I had to move offices. It’s taken me 6 years to get it the way I like it …

    • Brian says:

      Almost $25 for that one, though I did add some change from my bag when I thought it wasn’t going to hit $20. The *big* change jar in my living room will be for tomorrow when I take the dvd back. 🙂

      I remember in the past I’m usually shocked by how it adds up. But now that I have to pay for laundry, it isn’t as good a haul, all the quarters are for other purposes.

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