I can’t even watch it straight through…

You know a show is good when you have to keep pausing it to let stuff sink in, or to clean up the water you’ve spilled on yourself after being shocked by what just transpired on-screen.

If you’re not watching “Heroes”, why not? Don’t you enjoy good television? Are you afraid of a little sci-fi? Do you have trouble suspending disbelief? (Ok, if that last one is true you probably don’t watch any television)

I didn’t realize, but apparently NBC has all of the episodes online for viewing, and since there’s a good month and a half until the next new episode, I expect there will be reruns airing and of course there are other ways to see them. I managed to see last night’s episode in High Definition and I am SO wanting a new television now, side by side the increased quality is clear.

Seriously tho, go, watch Heroes. Take a long lunch break and watch 2 episodes. Go… NOW!

And for those of you already watching, this cute spoof Zeroes. Funny and compelling.

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  1. Danno says:

    You are officially evil. I took your advice and have begun Heroes, and thanks to you hours of my life are now lost devoted to this. Im only in the early episodes yet so dont you dare give anything away but im hooked. Totally hooked. Thanks you!!

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