Monday Funnies

The day has calmed down a bit and I’m cutting out a little bit early to try and avoid long lines at Metro Center. I finally caught up with my webcomics and the recent Sinfest and Ctrl-Alt-Del cracked me up this morning.

The weekend was mostly uneventful, I got caught up on a few weeks of Battlestar Galactica and nearly the whole season of Venture Brothers, I’ve still got Heroes, 30 Rock and Studio 60 waiting in the wings as well as Torchwood now and That Mitchell and Webb Look for the purely online stuff. Oy, how do people manage to watch it all?!

I saw The Queen this weekend, a great movie. While it was mostly serious there were a lot of comedic moments, especially given our perspective on the events and current British government these days. I’m not really into the royals, but I love Helen Mirren and she was amazing in that role. I also picked up some music, Ben Kweller, Lupe Fiasco, Common, John Legend. I’d love some more music suggestions tho, I’ve been clearing out unlistened-to stuff from iTunes and I found a fantastic program for accessing music from my iPod. iPod Access from Findley Designs. Between the temporary death of my Mac mini and trying to maintain new songs through WinAmp on my PC, there were a lot of songs that I couldn’t sync back into iTunes on the PC (since my iPod is now PC formatted). This program was able to see and translate all of my iPod’s songs and back them up to my hard drive where I could them import them to iTunes and now I’m back to being sync’d up. Though I couldn’t play the iTunes purchased songs anymore that MiKe gave me on my last visit so unless I find a way around that protection that doesn’t require me to pretend I’m him, they’re gone for now.

And the workday’s nearly over, that’s something to be happy about.

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