I can’t get no.. motivation

It’s a slightly better day today, but it’s clearly a Friday around the office. It’s very quiet at times, but then conversations break out all over the place, most of them concerned with how early it is, how little people want to work on what they’ve got and what people are doing over the weekend.

Last night I was able to find a program to scan my old hard drive and transfer the data from it to a new drive, and today at Best Buy I was able to grab a SATA cable since the 750 gig drive I ordered didn’t come with cables (!!!), but it’s all good now. I should be able to salvage my music at the least and hopefully all the old data before I reformat the 500 gig drive. I will have plenty of space in the machine when it’s all said and done. 🙂 My only outstanding tech issue is that I can’t seem to get my machine to see my new graphics card. It has onboard video, but there’s no place to shut that off in the BIOS and default to the PCI-Express slot, and just plugging it in isn’t causing Windows to see it and want to add it. It’s rather frustrating as I need that active to get gaming again.

And I still have over 1/2 a lovely crispy-skinned, buttery, garlicky, rosemary-ey roasted chicken waiting on me at the house. I need wine though. Maybe I’ll head down to Best Cellars after I get the computer sorted. There’s a chance of the ex being there as it is one of our favorite wine stores, but hey, this was my city first.

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