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Renew! Renew! …my iPhone!

So, you know what’s fun? When your smartphone, for no apparent reason, decides to have a complete operating system collapse. I managed to renew, restore and refresh it to factory settings and instead of restoring a backup, I started fresh. I know people say it, but it really is like having a brand new phone (that’s pre-smeared with your own finger grease).


40: from mobile to cell to i… phones

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the mobile phone. While I could reflect on how the device has changed over the years since it was invented, right now I’m more caught up on the fact that I’M AS OLD AS THE MOBILE PHONE.


gadgets: Netflix on iPhone/iPod Touch

That sound you may have just heard was the sound of office productivity dropping… or perhaps increasing. Thanks to a tweet from Dave Zatz of Zatz Not Funny! I discovered that Netflix has finally released their app*–initially just for iPad–for...


dating: there’s an app for that

The other day MM told me about this new app for the iPhone from Intelius called Date Check: “Date Check is like having a private investigator in your purse,” John Arnold, co-founder of Intelius and executive vice president of business...



Or apparently Gfail, as it’s being called. My mail seems ok now, though I woke up to a few twitter messages saying it was down. As with most things, it will pass, but all those tech news reporters were probably...


The Xerox Room – Office Life

In my 25 Things entry, I mentioned how the movie Nine to Five had a great influence on my views of office culture and this past week or so, I’ve noticed a recent parallel. We’re well past the days of...


clutter: old school networking

Cleaning house is SUCH fun! I opened a box labeled “CDs, Glassware, Mini-Shelves” and instead saw the above switches and a metric assload of cabling for devices long since thrown/given away. I think the nostalgia is getting to me, and...


video: is that like Linkin Park?

I blame my father. He bought two high-definition tv’s for their house, refurbished, but still very good sets, and the Blu-ray discussion came up. I’ve always been fairly non-stressed about upgrading my DVD player, even after conversations with friends and...


gadgets: Ba-boop! Pizza’s here!

I thought it was bad when there were talks to add a “pizza” button to World of Warcraft. Thankfully that never came about, but apparently they’re still marketing easy pizza access to people without having to get up. From a...