whoa.. too much fun

It would be impossible to do justice to today in a journal entry, but it consisted of meeting up with Jenifer, Mike () and Michael () for brunch and then seeing Wallace and Gromit (sans Jenifer), then heading out to meet Jhim () and Mike () for dinner at Hamburger Mary’s, soon to be something else sorta southwestern as they didn’t renew the franchise and then from there to Halo for drinks and then deciding to see another movie, The Corpse Bride.


Last night having dinner with Michael at his friend’s place in Arlington was a hoot too. Homemade Lasagna and plenty of chianti to go around plus good conversation and a sing-along with piano accompaniment.

Tomorrow looks to be fun as well, it’s turning out to be a much more fun weekend than I could have imagined, it’s all about staying loose and going with the flow.

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3 Responses

  1. drew says:

    Where’s the reviews of the flicks? You movie tease, you.

  2. BigPoster says:

    Glad you had fun, Brian, despite (or because of?) the sometimes obscenely-bad (or just obscene) piano/singing.

    Saw the Were-Rabbit movie today, too. Funny–with something for everyone (“may contain nuts”)–but didn’t leave me rolling in the aisle. Other opinions?

  3. Brian says:

    I definitely considered W&G laugh out loud funny at times, this seemed to push the envelope a bit more than his earlier work. There were times that we were making sure the movie had a g-rating, definitely great jokes for the kids and adults. Also being a bit of a Brit-o-phile, I was loving hearing the voice actors (a few of which were also in The Corpse Bride).

    And the next time I’m invited to such a dinner, I’m bringing tupperware, that was a great meal and those pictures of the vacation were wonderful!

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