I need a montage!

Andrea: My personal life is hanging by a thread, that’s all.
Nigel: Well.. join the club, that’s what happens when you start doing well at work, darling. Let me know when your whole life goes up in smoke. That means it’s time for a promotion.

I’m watching “The Devil Wears Prada” this morning and skipping over the horrendous bits (they killed the meaningful parts of the manuscript to make a marketable movie) and there’s a scene where the on-hand queer Nigel makes Andrea realize that she’s not really putting herself into the job, and gives her a complete makeover: clothes, shoes, makeup, hair, accessories. And it turns her into Super-Assistant™! If only it were so simple to accomplish a great deal of work in real life.

Not that I couldn’t use a shopping trip for new clothes and all, but I doubt it would make me any happier about wandering into the office on a daily basis. Part of me wishes I’d acted a little more stereotypically gay when I was first hired, then there’d be no problem with me being an absolute bitch around the office. I think I need to go on a quest to rediscover the source of my powers. It’s Spring, I’m single, I need to recapture the fun that I had living in Logan Circle. Of course that was a few years ago, and the weather was decidedly better in early April… and I was about 20 pounds lighter – *blegh.

I believe I need to start treating myself to some really nice dinners out after work this month. Eating solo means I’ll have to have good books on hand, but that shouldn’t be a problem. So long as I buffer those nights with evenings of toast and water, I should be on track for when it actually gets warm out! I want to go for Starbucks, but it’s 33 degrees out…

*sighs and starts looking for his heavy coat

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3 Responses

  1. shindo says:

    I can’t complain about the weather here. It’s just cloudy. I want sunshine! But 33 degrees is something I don’t envy you on right now.

    I’d love a shopping trip too. I hate feeling “Blah” about my wardrobe. As you said, in most places, the new look doesn’t change much at a workplace. The one place it makes a difference is anywhere in the fashion industry, where it really is a reflection on one’s professionalism.

  2. Chris says:

    The good news is that this movie made you want to go shopping. Whenever I see “Dangerous Liaisons,” I want to go manipulate all of my friends with cleverly worded subtle phrases uttered behind the security of a hand fan. I’m not so crazy about the powdered wigs, tho…

    If it makes you feel any better, it was 33 here, too. And for April in Texas it’s enough to make you question global warming…

  3. Brian says:

    shindo: Maybe I need a job in the fashion industry! After I lose about 50 pounds and get a personal trainer. It might not make a difference in the office, but my walking commute to and from public transportation is drastically affected by my clothes. Spring time and the boys are looking!

    Chris: Have you seen the French & Saunders spoof of Dangerous Liaisons? Hilarious.

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