Pride 2007: Afternoon update

I know these titles make it seem like I’m really into Pride this year, but I’m just being silly.

I managed to get 4 loads of laundry done, dropped off some dry cleaning, put some vitamin water bottles in the fridge for the parade later just in case and have gotten quite a bit of cleaning done. Folding the clean clothes is my usual bane so I end up with a big pile of clean clothes on my bed, but I had to do the sheets today so it’s all put away now.

When I went downstairs to get my dry clothes, (I was barely 5 mins past my timer going off), I found that someone had taken my clothes out of the dryer and put them on the table in the middle of the room. Not thinking about the fact that someone touched my undies for a moment, I looked at the dryers — we have 5 — 4 were currently in use, with my pile of clothes on the table. When I did my wash there was no one else using machines and a cycle takes about 40 mins, so that means that the person didn’t actually have to remove my clothes, they just did because they wanted the dryer my stuff was in. WTF?

Aside from a phone call to Jack in Chicago and a bit of online chatting with Raine about music, I’ve been watching Down With Love, and I realize that some scenes are made a whole lot funnier now that David Hyde Pierce is out of the closet (more or less). His character being accused as a homosexual, not that realizing it stops his hopeful fiancée, is so much more fun to watch.

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  1. shindo says:

    I hate it when people touch my laundry. I can understand if my clothes occupied a machine they needed to use, but this person pulling your load out because he wanted to use your dryer gets me. A dryer’s a dryer, right? He couldn’t have used one that was empty? Some people are really something.

    Happy Pride today! San Diego’s a month and a half away, but I hope you have a great time today (or just a nice mellow day).

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