On the real, real, real, real, real…

I could no longer resist. I have downloaded Hip Hop Kids and placed it in my iTunes/iPod.

Today was a real bum day, at some point last night the a/c went out in my place. I didn’t really realize it while sleeping, but when I woke up I felt horrible and gross and sticky. I’m not saying that the two martinis I had last night didn’t also contribute to this, but normal hangovers just give me a headache, not full on nausea in the morning. So I called out and thought I’d head back to bed, but I remembered that the water was being shut off today for building repairs so I hurried up and hopped in the shower. I checked in with the office e-mail, made sure there were no fires to put out and decided to relax.

I watched This Film Is Not Yet Rated and tried to tidy up a bit around here then took a much needed afternoon nap. After a bit of dinner, I finished re-editing the calling/business card design I came up with and chatted with friends. A very slow day, but maybe it’s just what I needed.

I gladly buy into the idea that blogs are made better by linking to other blogs, I saw a story on Towleroad today about Washington Redskins’ Chris Cooley’s tight end and short shorts and was going to repost about it, but as Fredo beat me to it, I’ll just link to his post and picture and give him finder’s fee props…

Redskins’ Chris Cooley: A Hot Pants Explosion

Hail to the Redskins, indeed!

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4 Responses

  1. Fredo says:

    My finder’s fee often involves fried chicken. 😉

  2. shindo says:

    Hip Hop Kids – that ain’t right. 😆

    @Fredo: I have to agree with Brian on that one. 😉

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