Why yes, I read AND listen to NPR!

I actually had an extended conversation with one of my building neighbors today (that wasn’t Dominic or my next door neighbor who speaks about as much English as I do Spanish).

I was getting my iPod earphones in on the way down to the lobby and the elevator stops on the 4th floor and a woman gets on. I’ve seen her around the building before and in all honesty she usually gives me that “please don’t talk to me urban person” look. But today she was carrying David Sedaris’ Naked and I couldn’t resist sharing my love of the book, and we actually started talking. She mentioned his spots on This American Life and I mentioned that I’d just bought the collected CDs of that show because I always miss it — she seemed a little surprised by that. I told her about Amy Sedaris and her projects, turns out she works for FAA and I’m at FHWA so we’re both DOT’ers, and we chatted all the way to the metro station.

I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised, but living in DC has gotten me too used to not knowing or talking to my neighbors with very few exceptions. In the Logan Circle condo it seemed like I knew all the gays in the place, because they were hitting on me, but here not so much. In the Alexandria burbs I didn’t know a soul, I was more friendly with the UPS guy than any of my neighbors. I’m sure it differs for different areas in DC, but in the larger apartment buildings that populate my bit of NW, knowing one’s neighbor is likely still pretty rare.

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