After the Show with Urban

I almost forgot the best overheard of the weekend. After we were leaving the theater a couple right behind us was talking about the movie and the woman says to her boyfriend/date/friend, “I didn’t think it was going to be quite so much of a musical!” and the man with her agreed. Now after hearing from Kris about his girlfriend’s lack of knowledge of the ending of King Kong, I’m well aware it’s possible to have no knowledge of the background of a movie that’s a remake, but come on!

The clincher.. I turned around and it was a little European-American (you know.. lily-white) couple dressed nearly alike in shades of 80s Izod green and pink and khaki. Now I’m not trying to make this racial or anything, since I recall being surrounded by people of all races when I saw Dreamgirls as a kid, but I guess after glancing over my shoulder at them I didn’t feel quite so shocked that they would have known nothing about the film before going in aside from the recently reported plot details.

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