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comment: the value of fascination

If I’m ever going to wade into the comment section and respond to a potentially ill-informed or inflammatory comment, I hope I have the class and patience of Robert McNees. I can't not respond to this kind of comment. http://t.co/Ft4t0Dztzl...


culture: Allen Funt called…

The days of “Candid Camera” are long gone. Nowadays, hidden cameras are used for exposes and stings claiming to be in the public interest, but shining a disturbing light on private (?) interactions.


books: a modest bestiary

My alarms go off at 5:15a and 6:05a in the morning and I’m usually woken up by the middle of an international story on NPR or if I hit the snooze button, The Writer’s Almanac.


in DC: Snowpocalypse!

So, it’s finally here. The big one. Woo. Hoo. That was snapped at 5:45 this morning. Michael and I were kinda skeptical about the snow last night and I woke up thinking “Oh there won’t be any big deal!” By...


I myself would say that it had merely been detected.

Perhaps, after all, America never has been discovered. I myself would say that it had merely been detected. ~Oscar Wilde It’s actually been a pretty productive weekend, though for a lot of Saturday and Sunday I was down with migraines....


geeking out: I’m becoming a HTPC convert

Living in Alexandria, my mornings usually consisted of making coffee, having a little something to eat, cleaning up the apartment and listening to shows on NPR. My NPR addiction was mostly caused by having a car and a long commute...


… as a goof!

Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy. These guys keep it holy by spending Sunday naked, listening to Roberta Flack — That is just some of the wacky fun of The Ten. If you didn’t see it, there’s just one...


Why yes, I read AND listen to NPR!

I actually had an extended conversation with one of my building neighbors today (that wasn’t Dominic or my next door neighbor who speaks about as much English as I do Spanish). I was getting my iPod earphones in on the...


Opera with a 3-drink minimum

My friend David was featured on NPR! Sort of. He’s the adorable redheaded tenor in the middle. All Things Considered was doing a story about Opera on Tap and he got a call that morning to replace their tenor who’d...